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Contest Rules

  1. Determine name of act prior to sign-ups. Chose name that is recognized when MC announces it.

  2. Signs-up open at 7:30pm with the first act to start promptly at 8pm.

  3. FULL bands (3 members or more) must sign-up before 8:30pm and all members must be present at time of sign-up. Full band performances must end by 11pm.

  4. All sign-ups must be done in person, no call-ins.

  5. Know your place in line. Performers should queue up their media with sound engineer 1 act prior so they can start immediately after being introduced by MC.

  6. Be professional & courteous of fellow musicians.

  7. Make the most of your time on stage - have your instruments in-tune prior to reaching stagem + keep introductions short and sweet.

  8. Safely exit the stage to the right or left, avoiding the center.

  9. Each performer is allowed 12 minutes on stage - you will be timed. Warning comes 1 minute before end. You will be cut off if you go over.

  10. If you ignore the MC and sound engineer and continue to play you will be disqualified from the contest and banned from future open mics.

  11. Be respectful of our neighbors when coming and going from the bar.

  12. Voting:

    1. Receive one vote per drink purchased.

    2. Performer must perform in order for vote to count that week.

    3. Must be present in the bar to cast a vote.

  13. Votes will be tallied at the end of each open mic and applied to the respective performer.

  14. Points will be accumulate week over week and totals will be calculated after the March 13th show.

  15. Performers can enter at any point throughout the 7 week competition and be in the race for the 1st and 2nd place prizes which include cash prize, studio time, giveaways TBD and showcase event on March 24th.

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